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Entryway Key Holder | Multi-Purpose Key Rack

Entryway Key Holder | Multi-Purpose Key Rack


Look how cute this is!  This can made to any colour combination you desire.  

Streamline your busy lifestyle with this effortless entryway solution.  Even try to hang your favourite pet leash on there.  The possibilities are endless.


Ultimate Entryway Key Storage


Unlock stylish organization with our meticulously crafted handmade entryway key holders. Elevate your home's first impression with these unique and functional pieces that blend seamlessly with your decor. From rustic charm to modern elegance, our hand-made key holders add a touch of personality while keeping essentials in check. Discover the perfect balance of design and utility, meticulously handcrafted to enhance your entryway. Explore our collection today and find the ideal handmade key holder that complements your style and keeps your daily essentials beautifully organized."


Makes the perfect give as well!


Message me for custom inquiries

Free local delivery to Niagara Residents


Size of one pictured : 18inch long x 4 inch roughly

*American Stain *White Linen & *Weathered Grey


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