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A little about me

From what started in 2021 as a pandemic hobby in the garage, has now turned into an exciting full-blown business. 

Growing up with family members that worked in the trades, my dad taught me almost all I know about the beauty we can create with some tools and imagination.

My late father is greatly missed but his presence is very much here.  Every time, I pick up that tool, I think of him.  He inspires me, and it makes me feel fulfilled knowing I can make beautiful wood crafted items from the skills he instilled!

I believe the spaces we spend time in truly affect how we feel and view the world around us.  I have been inspired to design these pieces so that they help ground us, help us feel energized and feel peace even when it may seem hard at times.

The inspiration comes from our world travels, life experiences, and the over-pouring of love from our two little girls.
Our Canadian produced creations are unique in that they are each hand-made with one of a kind characteristics.  There is no single piece of wood that is the same.  We love the story the wood tells. Each piece has been carefully designed by the entire team!
BrilliantJo-B your one-stop shop for custom wood signs, wood home décor, and laser engraving services. All hand-made - we offer everything from custom family name signs, entryway storage, personalized engravings, baby milestones, even something for your pets!"

With your support, and with every purchase a portion of funds will be donated to mental health. 

The team and I thank you very much for supporting us, and keeping the dream thriving!

BrilliantJo-B Founder

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