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Rustic Modern Bench| Console Tables | Coffee Tables

Rustic Modern Bench| Console Tables | Coffee Tables


These handmade, rustic modern wood benches exude a charming and timeless appeal, showcasing craftsmanship and natural beauty. Typically, such a bench is crafted from solid wood, often reclaimed or repurposed to enhance its rustic character.


The bench is constructed from sturdy, solid wood, commonly featuring reclaimed lumber or repurposed timber. This choice of material not only contributes to sustainability but also adds unique textures and imperfections that enhance its rustic charm.


The lines are clean yet exhibit the natural irregularities and knots present in the wood. The edges may be slightly worn or distressed to further accentuate the vintage and weathered appearance.


Each piece is handcrafted, hand picked lumber.  Built to last.  Stained to match your decor and finished with top coat to last the test of time.

It is definitely a statement piece, and super functional!




Size: 40 inch long x 10 in wide x 20 inch tall - One Pictured - American Stain


Message me for your custom size we can discuss options@

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