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QR Code Wood Table Sign

QR Code Wood Table Sign


Enhance your social media presence with our customizable Wooden QR Code Sign, inviting customers to "Follow Us on Instagram, and facebook." This eco-friendly sign, crafted from sustainably sourced wood, serves as a digital engagement tool 


Laser engraved


Key Features:

Size and Material: Available in two sizes - One size for both facebook and instagram, and other size for just one QR code. 


How to Order: Provide your Instagram handle/facebook handle and logo to create a personalized QR code that links directly to your Instagram profile, ensuring brand consistency.


Versatility: Ideal for any business looking to boost social media engagement, from cafes and boutiques to salons and offices.


Functionality: Customers can easily scan the QR code to connect with your business on Instagram, enhancing your digital footprint and customer interaction.


Connect with your audience and expand your social media following



Single QR Code: 150mm x 167mm
Double QR Code: 210mm x 159mm

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