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Baptism | Communion Party Favors

Baptism | Communion Party Favors


Looking to elevate your child's special day with a memorable gift? Look no further than these exquisite personalized keychains, perfect for occasions like baptism, first communion, christening, or confirmation. These keychains aren't your average trinkets; they come adorned with a beautiful cross at the end and can be customized to include a tag bearing the name and date of the event. 


Dimensions: 4.25 inches in length

Materials: Crafted from wood, wood beads, and an wood cross

Personalization (optional): Enhance with a tag featuring the name, date, and event name 


In the "add personalization" section, provide the name, date, and event name for the tag. To ensure accuracy, please double-check for any grammar errors, as copy and paste will be used.


With these charming keychains, you'll not only commemorate your child's special day but also make them feel truly blessed and cherished.

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